Who are we?

3H Movement is a classical liberal youth organisation in Turkey. 3H stands for our three core values: hürriyet (freedom), hukuk (law), and hoşgörü (toleration).

3H members share a strong commitment to individual liberty, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, rule of law, limited government and economic liberty. The organisation has a constructive approach towards everyday politics and believes in a freer and more prosperous future. In order to realise this goal, principles of classical liberalism are promoted through various events, publications and peaceful street actions.

3H Movement is composed of students and young professionals from all shades of classical liberalism. Established in 2006, the organisation has been the voice for liberty among the Turkish youth. 3H continues to organise seminars, conferences, congresses, roundtables, demonstrations, protests and grassroots campaigns through which new members are recruited and the word of liberty is spread.

"Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell."

Karl Popper

Our Manifest

  1. The current constitution of Turkey is a product of the 80's coup d'état. Turkey must adopt a liberal constitution.
  2. The government of Turkey must under all circumstances obey the rule of law.
  3. Turkey is a country with a diverse population. The government must tolerate diversity (e.g. ethnical, cultural, social and sexual) within the country.
  4. Turkey needs an effective free market economy. The current statist approach, bureaucracy and high taxes hinder the free market. These three obstacles must be abolished.
  5. Liberty is the premiere of human rights. It must be protected by law and shall be approached by tolerance.
  6. The economy can not be governed or guided.
  7. Religious preferences or sexual orientations of individuals must be respected.
  8. Individuals must in all circumstances have a freedom to associate with particular respect to their personal beliefs and ideas, and thus spread them. 
  9. State authorities shall not assume a privilege of having a say about the personal lives of individuals. 
  10. Public institutions shall be privatized according to efficiency and productivity criteria.
  11. Individual liberties can only be restricted by the liberties of others.
  12. The education of children must belong to their parents.
  13. Neither private nor public, any institution shall be exempt from judicial review. 
  14. Unfair progressive tax system shall be removed and high taxes shall be lowered for justice in tax distribution.
  15. Only defensive wars can be legitimized.
  16. All victimless crime and voluntary agreements shall be excluded from being a criminal offense.