As Corporate Cronyism reaches to very frightening levels in Turkey, Government deploys means of "rapid expropriation" to quickly (and illegally) seize properties of individual citizens, and hand them to crony corporations. As law dictates, "rapid expropriation can only be used in cases of emergency or national security. Not to much surprise, government once again seems ignorant of the very core purpose of it's existence: To protect rights and liberties of individual citizens.

Today, a so-called private company which seemingly consider itself immune from equality before law, Kolin Group, doesn't mind committing an explicit crime, by ordering it's security personnel to infringe liberties of ordinary citizens.

As 3H Movement , we are deeply concerned about the erosion of rule of law and we consider this a major setback from viability of property rights, and of individual rights in general. We support the residents of Yirca Neighborhood in the ongoing dispute and condemn all kind of attacks to private property.