Our seminar “Foundations of Liberalism” had been conducted on March 19, 2016 in Antalya and students from Antalya attended the event with great interest.

In the first session finance specialist Alper Akalın addressed the relation between liberalism and prosperity. While pointing out that countries with market economies achieve prosperous standards in a very short term period, he also gave some clear and solid examples for market economy.

The second session was held by Pınar Genç, whom presented the case for liberalism through international relations perspective. 

In the final session, Muhammed Tuna gave a presentation on the significance of freedom of speech in liberalism and liberal ideas, and finished off with putting emphasis on the benefits of freedom of speech in a society.

We wish to see you in the following “Freedom on the Road” event! Click the link to find out other pictures from the event day.