Our seminar “Foundations of Liberalism” had been conducted on March 19, 2016 in Antalya and students from Antalya attended the event with great interest.

In the first session finance specialist Alper Akalın addressed the relation between liberalism and prosperity. While pointing out that countries with market economies achieve prosperous standards in a very short term period, he also gave some clear and solid examples for market economy.

The second session was held by Pınar Genç, whom presented the case for liberalism through international relations perspective. 

In the final session, Muhammed Tuna gave a presentation on the significance of freedom of speech in liberalism and liberal ideas, and finished off with putting emphasis on the benefits of freedom of speech in a society.

We wish to see you in the following “Freedom on the Road” event! Click the link to find out other pictures from the event day.

Freedom on the Road held in İzmir Kaya Prestige Hotel on March 12 was a success.

İlkan Dalkuç held the first presentation on the event and commented on the contemporary politics of Turkey from a liberal perspective.

Economics Scholar Enes Özkan made the second presentation, examining the relation between free markets and prosperity. During his presentation, Özkan pointed that the main reason for developmental success depends on property rights and investment freedom. 

Human Rights Expert Kubilay Atlay gave a speech with examples from literature on where the boundaries of freedom of expression should be drawn.

Hope to see you in the next Freedom on the Road.

Follow the link for the remaining photos of our event.

As a member of the IFLRY (International Federation of Liberal Youth), 3H guest hosted the Federation's Dec. 14-17 Seminar and its 39th general assembly in İstanbul. 

On this productive meeting, Pauline Kastermans (JD) from Netherlands was elected as the chairman. 

We wish success to the new Board of Directors.

For the rest of the photos of this event, follow the link.

Hundreds of students from all over Turkey have attended the 6th Liberal Youth Congress which has the longstanding reputation for having the loud and clear message of Liberty. The convention took place at İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center.

The photos of this highly anticipated and participated event can be accessed via link.

As Liber-cuties, we marched at the 13th LGBTI Pride Parade organized this year.

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3H Movement hosted Turkey's first European Students For Liberty Regional Conference at Boğaziçi University with around 80 participants coming from various parts of Turkey as well many other countries! Ranging from paternalistic regulations to the state of liberty in the EU, the interactive lectures were followed by a social event in central Istanbul.

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Another LYC ends...

  • 01 Kasım 2014

On 25th of October, 3H Movement organized the 5th Liberal Youth Congress, country's biggest pro-liberty event targeting the youth, in Istanbul. The congress was dedicated to late Pim de Kuijer, Dutch freedom champion who passed away in a tragic plane crash this year. Event hosted prominent Turkish liberals such as Prof. Dr. Ergun Özbudun, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdoğan, Prof. Dr. İhsan Dağı, Prof. Dr. Murat Çokgezen, Doç. Dr. Bican Şahin, Doç. Dr. Doğan Gürpınar, Doç. Dr. Burak Bilgehan Özpek, Alper Akalın, Güneş Aşık and Bulut Öncü. 

We forced ourselves to have as many people as possible. This is a unique opportunity to bring all the pro-liberty students and intellectuals together once in a year, and it has attracted a lot of attention from all around the country. Friedrich Naumann Foundation deserves the biggest applaud for it's endless support and we thank all the attendees for making it a huge success. Looking forward to see you all next year.

You can see the photos of the congress via this link:


For its ongoing succesful struggle for liberal rights in an increasingly illiberal Turkey, 3H movement is awarded with the 4th Freedom Prize by IFLRY

3H Movement dedicated the prize to Dutch liberal trainer and human rights advocate Pim de Kuijer, who tragically lost his life with the attack on the MH17 in the east of Ukraine.



Üyelerimizden Kubilay Atlay'ın atlasone.org'da yayınlanan yazısı:


3H strongly condemns mass death sentences in Egypt  that have lost sight rule of law.

We demand fair and equal trials for all individuals and call on the international community to take urgent action to avert the impending tragedy.